Air Pollution and Monitoring

Increasing air monitoring in vulnerable Sonoma and Contra Costa County communities



Laura Diaz, Gisell Perez Salcedo, Elisabeth Grosvenor, Daniel Soto Ph.D., SSU

April 26, 2022


Our mobilized purple air monitor along with our team of researchers: Laura Diaz, Gisell Perez Salcedo, Elisabeth Grosvenor. Photography credit: Daniel Soto

Purple Air Map

Roseland, California is an environmental justice community and an unmonitored community overburdened by air pollution. Our team was able to utilize purple air monitors by mobilizing these units. We were able to move freely within the Roseland community to begin collecting preliminary air pollution data.

OEHHA's CalEnviroScreen is a mapping tool which characterizes pollution burden and demographic data by California census tract (Witteborg, 2019)

Thank you to Sonoma State University and the Center for Environmental Inquiry for supporting our research